Product features

Prosteriel, with its easy handling and cartridge filling system, is a product that can be used in any place with a door handle without having to worry about filling operations.

Our product is designed so that it is suitable for doors with left as well as right opening direction. It is a system that helps us to make hygiene our daily standard of living.

I would like to briefly talk about the prototype image of the above product.
It will help you understand why the product is prepared in this way during the design phase.
The prototypes shown in the pictures were tested on a family of 4 persons with an average usage time of one week.

1-The opening method for the top cover is designed so that it can be inserted by rotation, with the consideration that the funnel is sold separately.

2-The lower part will be inserted in the same way as the upper part. The first time the user needs to make the nail movement with the side of the ears. In this way, we have designed the product by preserving the liquid reservoir without loss of volume.

3-Backgroundimage of the product

4-Sideview of the product

Our patent documents in Turkey and European Union