Use of Prosteriel in
Offices, Workplaces

According to a study conducted in the UK, it has been found that in office space, the essential technology of our time - the computer - is 400 times dirtier and houses more bacteria than toilet seats.

It has been discovered that on computer keyboards there are on average 7500 species of germs. In an environment where there are 7500 types of germs alone on the keyboard, despite regular cleaning, the existence of millions of bacteria cannot be ruled out.
There are many other situations in your workplaces where you may come into contact with bacteria other than office supplies or other media, such as through contact with money, a used napkin, etc.
For example: interpersonal relationships and communication are very important in business life.

Alone the handshake as one of the key symbols for agreements, greetings and business relationships, provides a source for the spread of bacteria from hand to hand. Because you cannot know if the hands of people in their working environment that you come into contact with by handshake are clean.
Using Prosteriel in offices will be an effective way to prevent disease.
Thanks to the sterile product, you will be able to work in peace in a more hygienic environment, without having to worry about the transmission of bacteria through door handles or people.