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    Sometimes invisible bacteria can lead to visible severe health consequences...


Prosteriel is a user-and environmentally friendly product with a door knob cartridge system to prevent bacteria from getting in contact with our hands.

I would like to introduce to you our patented product Prosteriel, whose prototype is currently being developed. Billions of people in this world exist with us, going to different places at the same time, staying at various stops, shopping in various shopping malls, eating and drinking in various cafes/restaurants, being treated in different hospitals, taking different steps in different cities.

Even though we humans lead very different lives, breathe and stay in different places, our ways intersect unconsciously and very often. Sometimes our paths intersect with a person living miles away from us. All of a sudden, we find ourselves at the same dining table, sitting on the same couch, going through the same corridor, using the same door without our having planned it. Do we therefore only share the same spaces? No we don't.

We also often exchange our germs and bacteria with each other. And most of the time we lose our health because of bacteria that are not visible to our eyes. While health is the most valuable thing for humans, we can lose it for reasons that do not come to mind.

Research has shown that bacteria are carried by the hands and 80% of all infectious diseases are transmitted by hand. It is assumed that on a square centimeter of an adult's hand, which is considered clean, there are about 6,000 different types of bacteria. The likelihood of having millions of bacteria on a hand suspected of being dirty is a risky situation for our health. Because of these bacteria, our hands should be washed regularly so that our lives are not negatively affected.

However, this effort is not enough when it is carried out only by you. The places that you have touched with your hands during the day must also be hygienic. And unfortunately, we have no way of understanding which areas were touched by other people which are touched by you.

And unfortunately, we cannot check if these people are washing their hands or not after using the toilet, clearing the rubbish, touching their wound, having a meal, using the means of transport, or after touching their shoes. Therefore, in order to overcome these situations, installing a disinfection device - which will do the job for you - in the most contacted areas, can be a targeted solution to this problem without the need for extra effort from your part.

The Prosteriel product was developed for just this purpose. Thanks to Prosteriel the disinfectant solution will automatically be released to your hand with the cartridge system in the door knobs.

As this process does not require any additional action at the areas which were touched by you and the others, it can be a significant solution for people who have no hand washing capability or usually forget to do it. In particular, even if the flu virus is primarily transmitted by direct hand contact, Prosteriel has been designed as a world-wide preferred product to prevent the spread of disease.