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The emergence of the Prosteriel product as an idea!

Did you know that the immune system of a cancer patient is greatly weakened during chemotherapy?
And that people who have to go through much harder times because of bacteria transferred by touching or shaking hands?

During my chemotherapy phase, my doctor said, "During chemotherapy, the immune system of a cancer patient is extremely weakened."
It is very scary that people who are already suffering from cancer are struggling with a serious disease like cancer, and then get other diseases that are transmitted by bacteria.
I had to spend this phase of illness with the use of disinfectants.

This daily habit could be an effective step to protect not only us who are living with this disease, but also to protect all people from possible illnesses. If bacteria were visible to the eye, people would invest a lot to find a solution to their destruction.

But why should we even allow these things that exist, but are invisible to our eyes, to harm us?
Sometimes it is enough to feel that something exists without having to see it through the eye.
Now is the time to do something against things that you think are bad and that could make you worse.
The hygiene is in your hands!